It is necessary for every child to be regular and punctual in case of unavoidable absence, letter giving reason is to be sent on the following day.
85% attendance is compulsory for all students.
Those students who have less than 85% attendance will not be allowed to appear for final examination.
Attendance is compulsory on National festivals 15th Aug. and 26th Jan. Causes for struck from school rolls.

A student can be asked to leave the school on grounds of :
(a) Indiscipline.
(b) Absence without intimation for 30 days.
(c) Unsupporting parent attitude.

The following facilities have been provided and are in operation :
(a) Spacious well ventilated class room
(b) Computer lab with multimedia & 24 hrs broad band connectivity.
(c) Rich library.
(d) Art and craft room.
(e) Junior and senior play ground.
(f) AC hall for play group and senior for co- curricular activities.
(g) Psycho-edu based toys.
(h) Audio-visual aids.
(i) Video projector

Aims and Objectives

Genius Global Academy are bound to give, Knowledge value and character society through their pupils. Ideas rule the world. You shape your fate and decide your destiny by your thought. You have to think high to rise. You have to believe and be sure of yourself to win a prize. GGA family helps you to shape your moral, thought, ideas, power etc to become a good and responsible citizen of India in new millennium.
To develop self esteem confidence fighting sprit of child,
Never say die spirit
Developing life skills
Learning through technology( smart class).


Knowledge value and character.